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I. Purpose
SONATA (Sports Organist Network And Trade Association) is a voice and collective society for the modern live sports organist, primarily in baseball, basketball, and hockey. The purpose of this group is to bring sports organists together to show a united front and advocacy for the continuation of the use of live organ music in sports.

II. Eligibility
a. Full Membership in SONATA shall be open to any active musician who plays the piano, organ, or similar keyboard instrument or collection of instruments that contains multiple manuals and/or pedal board at any professional sporting event in the United States or Canada and whose music is heard live within the facility designated for the sporting event (arena or stadium) during the operational period of the event.
- 1. An active musician shall be defined as a person who has performed the service defined in subsection (a) for any league or team that is a full member, affiliate or associate of any professional baseball, basketball, or hockey league, with an average per-game attendance of at least 2,500, during or immediately preceding/following at least five sports contests or dates during the year preceding the request for membership, unless membership is designated at the Major (baseball) or National (basketball/hockey) level.
- 2. Membership shall also be extended to any person designated by an appropriate sporting franchise to perform the function of an active musician who has taken a leave of absence from the team.
- 3. The "Emeritus" label shall be designated for any organist retired from the sports organist craft who wishes to retain membership in SONATA. NOTE: This label has since been depreciated.
c. Honorary Membership may be granted to any person who has made a significant contribution to the betterment and/or promotion of sports organists and sports organ.
d. Junior Membership will be made available to prospective organists seeking to create a new/vacant organist position with a new sports team with the goal of obtaining Full Membership when such a position is created. Junior Membership shall be subject to Board approval.
e. Multi-sport membership shall be restricted to existing members who have been affiliated with SONATA for at least six months, and who have satisfied the eligibility of membership in multiple sports. A new member may not be designated multi-sport until the conclusion of the six-month initiation period.

III. Dues
a. There is no financial obligation required of any SONATA member, full or honorary. Dues are free for all persons eligible to join SONATA, as defined herein.

IV. Structure
a. SONATA shall be operated with the following leadership structure, all of whom are members of the Board of Directors:
- 1. President. Shall issue decisions on behalf of the association.
- - i. This position shall be bestowed upon the founder of SONATA. There shall be no elections and the position is terminal.
- - ii. If this person resigns the Presidency, the position shall be determined via election. Term of office will then become two years.
- - iii. The President shall abstain from Board voting activity, unless in order to break a tie, or unless the matter concerns an office held or membership eligibility issue. This provision of the Bylaws does not apply if the Board is comprised of three or fewer people.
- 2. Vice President
- - ii. This optional position, if filled, shall be determined via election. Term of office is two years.
- 3. Board At Large
- - iii. These two optional positions, if filled, shall be determined via election. Term of office is two years. If both positions are filled, elections shall be held in alternate years for each individual position.
b. Board and General Elections require an absolute majority vote of those present. The President may vote in any general election. See IV.a.1.iii for the President and Board elections.

V. Amendment
a. Amendment of the Bylaws may be effected through majority vote of the Full Membership.
b. Amendment of the Bylaws may also be effected through Presidential action.