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Member Roster

Pursuant to Bylaw II, membership in SONATA is restricted to only those persons who play the piano, organ, synthesized keyboard or similar musical instrument at any professional sporting event in the United States or Canada. This group is dedicated to preserving and advocating for the tradition and art of live music at sporting events.

The Sports Organist Network And Trade Association is growing and expanding its membership, meaning the following list is subject to change.

Our members represent a variety of sports teams and leagues, including Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League. Listed below are SONATA members and their city affiliation.

SONATA Leadership
Gil Imber, President
Josh Gold-Smith, Honorary (@organistalert)

Membership (m indicates minor league / *indicates backup, non-regular or fill-in / ^ indicates multi-sport member / ° indicates retired)

Baseball (19/30 Teams)
Anaheim - Joe Tripoli ^°
Arizona - Bobby Freeman
Atlanta - Matthew Kaminski
Boston - Josh Kantor
Chicago - Lori Moreland
Chicago - Gary Pressy
Cincinnati - John Schutte
Kansas City - Jeremy Boyer*^
Houston - Jim Connors°
Los Angeles - Nancy Bea Keulen Hefley°
Los Angeles - Gil Imber*^
Los Angeles - Dieter Ruehle^
Miami - Tabitha Barattini
Milwaukee - Dean Rosko
New York - Ed Alstrom
New York - Paul Cartier^
Oakland - "Captain" Jack
Philadelphia - George Akerley*
San Diego - Bobby Cressey
San Francisco - Steve Hogan
St. Louis - Jeremy Boyer*^
St. Louis - Dwayne Hilton
Tampa Bay - Jack Henriquez
Washington - Matthew Van Hoose

Albuquerque, m - Christopher Ishee
Albuquerque, m - Todd Lowry
Eugene, m - Liz Wigham
Nashville, m - Kyle Hankins^
New York/Rockland, m - Maxine Alstrom

Basketball (5/30 Teams)
Atlanta - "Sir" Foster Carson
Boston - Ron Poster^°
Brooklyn - Pete Cannarozzi^
Los Angeles - Dieter Ruehle^
Los Angeles - Joe Tripoli ^°
New York - Raymond Castoldi^
Washington - Bruce Anderson^

Hockey (28/31 Teams)
Anaheim - Gil Imber^
Boston - Ron Poster^
Buffalo - Curtis Cook
Calgary - Willy Joosen
Carolina - Larry Olsen
Chicago - Frank Pellico
Chicago - Carl De Santi*
Colorado - Mark Castellano
Columbus - Nate Hollman
Detroit - Dave Calendine
Detroit - Lance Luce
Edmonton - Gordon Graschuk°
Los Angeles - Dieter Ruehle^
Los Angeles - Joe Tripoli ^°
Minnesota - Palmer Harbison
Montreal - Diane Bibaud
Nashville - Kyle Hankins^
New Jersey - Pete Cannarozzi^
New York - Paul Cartier^
New York - Raymond Castoldi^
Ottawa - Eric Sauvé
Pittsburgh - Tim DeBacco
San Jose - James Mikey Day
St. Louis - Jeremy Boyer^
Toronto - Jim Holmstrom
Washington - Bruce Anderson^
Winnipeg - Chris Eccles
Winnipeg - Trevor Olfert°

Charlotte, m - Jason Atkins
Charlotte, m - Jessica Borgnis

Unaffiliated, Honorary, and Junior
Columbus - Jeff Morris
Chicago - Lee Maloney (Allen Organs)
Junior - Alexander Richard Straus-Fausto